they’re calling it a snowmageddon

It’s been a week today since Vancouver and the Fraser Valley got blasted with historic levels of snow, ice, and wind. That’s one week of being cooped up in the house with two kids and a mind that’s slowly (rapidly) going insane. The first day was a nice break from the hectic schedules I have to maintain for everyone, the second day I started to twitch a little, and by the third day, the toddler and I were over it. We had a very brief break where we were able to grab some groceries, but now we’re on day seven of being stuck, and I’ve officially lost my noodles.



We made snowmen, chased the dogs, baked some warm goods. I did a deep cleanse in the house, cleared some things from the garage, and indulged in some fun projects with the toddler, but there are only so many activities to go through indoors before you’re fed up. The snow is too deep for any real enjoyment, and today we find our entire town covered in a deadly, thick layer of ice so that rules out any snowy hiking. Cars have been abandoned on the freeway in a post-apocalyptic fashion and a lot of homes are without power. Vancouver and the valley have not had a blizzard of this magnitude in decades, and the city and its residents are feeling it hard.

So we drink tea. Pour over books. Take pretty photos of trees with their ice heavy branches. Go over our budget again and again for our upcoming trip out east because missed work means missed money. Right now, just about all of our friends are suffering from lost wages because the blizzard has kicked the crap out of everyone, so the general consensus is: save save save. So we all put off our fun purchases, we thank the Lord for food in our stomachs, and meet together for coffee and good talks at someone’s home, instead of a cafe. It could be worse.

We have been focusing on going out east to see my family next week. The trip promises to be refreshing in its necessity, but the reason for going is impossibly heavy. I realized we had a bonus day we could have added to the trip, thanks to a huge mistake on my part when I booked my tickets, so the airline requested I phone in this weekend and they will help me figure out if we can move our flight. It’s not a true adventure without some form of disaster, but let’s hope this is our only setback.

It could be worse. It can always be worse. But it isn’t, and I’m grateful.


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